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Our latest episode: The Start Song

New Episode: Here 4 U & Lives Connecting segue

      Season 2, Episode 4: I Wanna Remember This Night
                (featuring Broadway's Renée Albulario)

        Season 2, Episode 3: (Baby) Break My Heart 

Season 2, Ep 2: (I Was) Happy in December - OUT NOW

Season 2 Premiere: LOVE ME 

Love Me still (Kirsten and Lisa).jpeg

                            Still from Season 2 Premiere "Love Me"

      Featuring Lisa Lamothe & Kirsten Egenes, Directed by Jana Cudney

Thank you for visiting our website and watching our musical web-series adaptation of the musical revue 29LIVES!

​At this time, we are preparing to release quite a few more song/episodes, and will be releasing the whole show as an album, along with videos in 2021! Thanks for staying tuned!

Coming soon in Spring/Summer 2021: 


 - "Love Me" featuring Lisa Lamothe, Kirsten Egenes, Brooke Aston & Alan Harper (directed by Jana Cudney)

- "Happy in December" featuring Gabriel Spector, Manuel Cortes Alcazar & Matt Stairs

- "Ridiculous" featuring Lauren D'Imperio & Erika Amato

- "Race of My Life" featuring Manuel Cortes Alcazar, Kirsten Egenes & Lauren Gismondi

- "Love Will Come" featuring Lauren Kinkade & Jerielle Morwitz

- "I Wanna Remember This Night" featuring Renée Albulario

- "(Baby) Break My Heart" featuring Chris Wade

- "Here 4 U" featuring Emily Battles, Chris Wade & the cast of 29LIVES the Series

- "Deeper Sense of You" featuring Matt Stairs

Episode 4: Safe Haven

Episode 3: Why Would I Choose to Leave

Episode 2: The Crazy Circle

Episode 1 - Subways, Bus Stops & Taxicabs

Preview Trailers for 29LIVES the series

Our first official Trailers! 

Every collaboration starts with an idea. Here's a sneak peak at our process creating 29LIVES the series.

This was one of our first tests. Erin Solér singing the recitative from Love Me, a song/scene in 29LIVES. 

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